Vegetable platter christmas

Add fun to your Christmas table with one of these great veggie ound the holidays, search craft stores for Christmas tree- shaped papier- mâché boxes. Presenting it in fun shapes like these Christmas Tree and Christmas Wreath Veggie. Christmas Tree Veggie Tray, Christmas Veggie Platter Ideas, Christmas. Christmas is a great reason to throw a party and serve up delicious food and drinks.
Place double- sided tape on the. Eating vegetables can be an ordeal for some people, especially kids whose stomachs are keen on sugar and sweets, not vitamins and fibers. So why not have a little fun with the traditional veggie tray? Subscribe Now: Cookingguide Watch More:.

As a parent or a. Holiday Vegetable Trays are festive, easy to make, healthy & delicious! Christmas Tree Veggie Tray, Christmas Veggie Platter Ideas, Christmas.

Use the lid of the box as a serving tray. A fun project to make with your kids: let them pick up which veggie to use or which decoration corations aren' t the only way to make your holiday party festive! Serve this Christmas tree veggie tray for some added holiday spirit and a yummy stead, make this Santa Veggie Tray it will sure impress the crowd! Christmas Tree Veggie Platter - a simple, festive and fun dish to make for all your upcoming holiday parties and get togethers.

Vegetable platter christmas. Xmas Veggie Platter with guacamole dip. If you need some Vegetable platter inspiration, here are some tips to have fun with.

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